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Whether you’re good at it or not, arguments will always be a part of your life. If you’re writing an argumentative essay, you need much more than opinions to make yourself heard. If you want to be able to argue well, you’re going to work on your persuasion skills. Even if you consult an essay writing help UK, they’d tell you this – convince others to agree with your opinions.

Even your strongest stance won’t be compelling if you don’t use the right structure, solid reasoning, and evidence. So let’s learn about what elements you should use to write the best argumentative essay!

Tips for Writing a Persuasive/Argumentative Essay

  1. Select A Topic

The first thing you should do is choose a topic that interests, puzzles, or appeals to you. However, make sure that it’s neither too broad, nor too narrow because it will make the essay difficult later on. Furthermore, think about your goals and purpose for the essay. Ask yourself about what opinion, view, or idea do you want to prove. This is important because it will help you clarify your purpose before you start writing.

  • Form A Thesis Statement

Following the topic, you should come up with an arguable statement; it must assert or deny the topic. Moreover, to make sure your statement is arguable, it should have some probability of being true. Meanwhile, you also have to make sure that it should also be something people can disagree with. Lastly, your thesis should have two important elements; an observation and an opinion.

Here’s everything you should avoid while writing a good thesis statement:

  • An incomplete thesis.
  • A thesis statement that is too broad or general.
  • A statement that looks more like a question.
  • Too many extra details in the thesis statement.
  • Beginning thesis statement with ‘I think’ or ‘in my opinion’.
  • A thesis statement based on something outdated or stale.
  • Adding words that lead to wrong generalizations (like always, only, everyone, etc.).

The Best Practices for Writing a Great Thesis Statement:

As you are working on your topic, your thesis statement will evolve. Hence you need to brainstorm, research and discuss your topic before deciding your thesis statement. If you’re still struggling to come up with a good thesis statement, try free-writing about your topic. Once you free-write, you can develop a thesis that works for you.

While writing your essay, consider that your thesis is a work in progress. Hence, remain open to modifying it or changing your focus as you draft your paper. Finally, write down your thesis statement and keep it in front of you while you do your research. Doing this will help you keep track of where to focus as you write.

Remember Your Audience

As you plan your argumentative essay, keep your audiences in mind. Ask yourself, who are your readers, and what opinions do they hold about your side of the argument. If you don’t have the answer to this question, take advice from your professor about who is your target audience. Lastly, if you can’t decide who your target audience is, simply focus on the general audience instead.

Present Evidence

If you want to write a strong argumentative essay you’re going to need pieces of evidence. You can think of them as the main points supporting your claim or thesis. These are the answers to why you’re making a certain claim in your essay. In other words, you can view them as “because phrases” that will validate your arguments and reasons.

When you’re writing an argument essay for your college you will be citing evidence from different sources and texts. Thus, make sure that you introduce this evidence properly and explain the significance. Additionally, don’t think that your audience will automatically understand the importance of the evidence when you state them. Therefore, you’ll have to explain the importance of the pieces of evidence strategically to convey your point. Finally, be smart enough to guess the counterarguments and address them to disprove them for the readers. 

Draft the Argumentative Essay

Just like any other piece of writing, you should start with a rough draft for your argumentative essay. This will follow up with you making multiple drafts by writing and revising. While you’re rewriting your argumentative essay, make sure you take care of the following:

  • Include ample evidence that is logical and authentic and address the opposing point of view.
  • Make sure the organization and structure of your essay are according to your topic and audience.
  • Manage any mistakes in logic and take care of the flow of the argument.
  • Review your essay as a critical reader to correct any mistakes.

Whether you’re writing argument essays to exercise your brain or to get good grades, you’ll need to follow certain guidelines. If you know the right steps of approaching your argumentative essay, you’re in for a successful and compelling essay. Use the effective essay tips above to become the best essay writer among your peers. If you’re willing to go the extra mile, invest in an essay writing service to take your essay to the top.

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