How to Write Scope and Delimitation of Dissertation Papers

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How to Write Scope and Delimitation of Dissertation Papers

Have you hit a dead-end in the middle of writing your dissertation? It’s scary to suddenly realize that you don’t know the one section of your dissertation and the deadline’s close. For many students, this section is the scope and delimitation of their paper. Yet, you can’t leave any section of your dissertation and hope your supervisor won’t notice.

So let’s learn about what is the scope and delimitation so you won’t be relying on a dissertation writing UK. When you’re writing your dissertation, you’ll realize that your paper has a few flaws. No paper is perfect but you should be aware of any problems in your dissertation. Maybe you feel your participants weren’t truthful or the surveys weren’t accessible. This is where scope and delimitation play an important part.


In this section, you define the boundaries of your dissertation, which means they are in your control. You should set delimitations so that it becomes easier to achieve your research goals. For instance, these can be your objectives, research questions, or your target populations.

While writing this section, tell your readers why you chose this course of study. Maybe you were curious about the topic and/or wanted to add something to your field through research. Nonetheless, you should address the other available options and why you did not choose them. You may have found it impractical, uninteresting, or irrelevant to the study. For example, you only studied American people because they have the highest rate of obesity. Make sure your theory and research questions are strongly related to this section.

For Example;

 you’re researching the differences in the parenting styles between unmarried Asian and White women. So in this section, you will mention how participants from other populations like men, married women, etc. weren’t included. Moreover, you can write that you only included closed-ended scales in your survey. Thus, your participants weren’t able to give open-ended responses.

Remember that it’s not always a bad thing to have delimitations in your research paper. They only define your scope of interest for your study as it connects to your research design. However, if you miss this section, your paper will look incomplete instead of flawless.


Here you will explain what subject or information you’re analyzing in your dissertation. You will also explain how much you’ll explore the research area and what parameters you’re using. For instance, you want to study the effect of mobile phones on the behavior of school-going children. Still, you can’t cover every single aspect of this topic. Hence you will narrow down the scope to a certain section of the target population.

To define the scope of your study, you’ll discuss all aspects that you’ll consider in your research paper. You have to decide the scope of your study in the early stages before you collect any data. This is important because it defines the work of study and what is achievable within a given time limit. A well-defined scope will help you give clarity to the study outcomes you are investigating. Without this, you can’t determine the endpoint for your research because you’ve set no limits.

When you’re writing the scope of the study, you should know the research parameters that you will or won’t use. This can be the size of your study sample, the duration, criteria, the method, and any physical or financial limits. These units of measurement will also help you design your research question. Make sure you’re not making the scope too broad and unachievable, or too restrictive. This is because it will result in a lack of useful data and your research will lose its purpose.


Limitations are the potential barriers in your research that you cannot control due to outside factors. You may have a lack of funding, choice of research design, or other factors. These shortages influence your study and are important because they affect your design and results. You don’t have to worry about having limitations in your study but they’re highly common in research. Even when you are going to your favorite restaurant, you have a limited number of menu choices. Contrarily, even if the menu has every possible dish, the chef might not be an expert at each of them.

The people who took part in your survey may be too embarrassed to give an honest answer. If you’re using the same survey or test, your results are limited by the reliability of that test. Thus, you should remember that you can’t always remove the limitations of your dissertation. So whatever limits you, it will also be limiting the other researchers in your field.


When you’re writing a dissertation, you need to talk about what your study will cover. Furthermore, you should also talk about which aspects you’re going to exclude in your study. Since you cannot research every single aspect of your research topic or subject, you should exclude some of them. Excluding factors is the best way to make your dissertation research more practical

Never miss out on the scope and delimitation of your research because your paper will look incomplete without it. If you still feel you need guidance in this section, any dissertation writing service will be willing to help you.

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