A Thorough Guide To Reduce Ignorance- How To Open Up Your Mind To Novel Opinions           

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A Thorough Guide To Reduce Ignorance- How To Open Up Your Mind To Novel Opinions           

Have you ever wondered how you’d be able to function without taking help from technology? If you haven’t, it only shows how we can’t even imagine our life without modern-day facilities. Even though we have made amazing breakthroughs in science and technology, most of us overall is moving backwards. People these days are willing to use their brains and abilities as less as possible. This is something we are all guilty of because who would want to work or think if they have the option not to.

One of the best examples here is online facilities like assignment writing service. It can feel pretty great to get extra help when you’re not able to perform your best in school. However, you’re only going to fall into the trap of dependency and keep asking them to do your work for you. Similarly, when you aren’t used to using your brain to think, your brain becomes used to – not thinking. Consequently, you would only rely on old and existing information and feel threatened by anything new. Here’s what you can do to become more open to new ideas!

1. Broaden Your Vision

Imagine if you had a rare disease, what would you do then? Deny its existence and go to your family doctor to get the treatment meant for a common disease? Of course not! Any sane person would want to visit the best doctors in the world to find the best treatment available. In fact, such patients even volunteer to participate in medical studies as subjects to find a cure. Sadly, our attitude towards things in real life is quite different from this scenario.

Normally, we rely on celebrities and social media influencers who come from our school of thought to form an opinion. We are quick to agree with we hear something as aligns with our own beliefs. However, we’re only skeptical and judge negatively when we come across something new or different. If you want to truly get closer to the truth, you should be willing to evaluate and accept unconventional opinions. Moreover, if you find yourself getting threatened and offended too often, work on seeing things as personal beliefs or information instead of ‘attacks’.

2. Become Okay With Uncertainty

It’s a general rule of life that you should be wary of people who can’t admit they don’t know something. This is because these people are more concerned with appearing to know something even if they don’t. Of course, when we engage in such behaviours, we are more likely to close ourselves to new information. Indeed, it isn’t wise to fill an empty vessel with dust just to fill the void.

The solution to this: accept the fact that it’s normal and human to not know something. Even the most genius people on this planet don’t know a lot of things and that’s perfectly fine. In fact, it’s unrealistic and cruel to have such an impossible expectation from yourself. Uncertainty does not make you stupid; in fact, it only leads to many windows for new information. Contrarily, pretending to know things is what closes the gate to knowledge and makes you ignorant. Life is full of uncertainties and we can only discover the answers if we accept our lack of knowledge.

3. Listen/Understand Before Arguing

We are quick to feel threatened with information that does not align with our school of thought. It’s okay to disagree with something but rushing to reject opinions makes a person ignorant. Whenever there is a conversation between people with different beliefs, you should hear them out first before forming an opinion. However, we often try our best to silence a person with new or different opinions by talking over them. In other cases, people even mock and use violence to suppress new and unconventional information or opinions.

Arguments and debates are not a bad thing as long as people are concerned with getting closer to true facts. However, many times, arguments are just a battle of egos – to prove who’s right and who’s not. This is a very unhealthy approach that not only makes people ignorant and stubborn but also fills them with bitterness. Here’s something we should rather follow: argue to understand, not win. Make sure you are focused on the facts and information instead of who’s talking during arguments. Remember not to get personal and always try to be as objective as you can.


Whether you’re a student or an adult, you will come across many new, different and seemingly crazy opinions and facts. As humans, we all want to be accurate and informed but sometimes we end up doing the opposite. We depend on existing information because it feels overwhelming to unlearn and relearn. While it’s completely fine to rely on outside help just as students look for assignment writing UK, we shouldn’t shy away from improving ourselves. It’s never too late to work on our ability to accept change and new ideas.

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